Monday 12 April 2021

Weekly Drop-in Improv Comedy Class (Online Class)

 Discover your musical self. Develop confidence, interpersonal skills and spontaneity with Nathan Improv.

Please note:

  • The link to the session is sent once sales for the class close - this is an hour before each class.
  • The minimum amount of participants to run a class is 4. Due to the current pandemic, this cannot always be guaranteed. Upon a need to cancel the session, you will receive a full refund from Eventbrite.
  • If you struggle to enter the class, please contact via Nathan Improv's Facebook messenger - this is due to the immediacy of the system.


Based on teachings of my, as well as the pedagogy of Keith Johnstone, Viola Spolin, Del Close and more. Be the next Tina Fey, Eddie Izzard or Paul Merton, in life, personal, business or even your career. No need to be an actor, you're get a lot out of it - any which way.

What will you learn?

These sessions will focus on improvising online, as that is what you will be doing. Therefore, this work using my teaching from the film acting series. With improv going online, what do improvisers need to know? They are no longer creating theatre, but films. These will be a style or genre of films in themselves. Exactly what it entails is up to the creator(s). Nonetheless, learning from films to improve our improv online is valuable. We discuss the current availability to achieve these goals, but we will use a lot of practical trialling. These drop-in classes will enrich your improv online through increasing your understanding of the form of media and performance. There is a wealth of useful and usable knowledge that has been integrated into the class that can deepen your expression and artistry for the effect you are looking for.

Who is welcome?

New people are welcome just as much as those that are experienced. No experience necessary, as the class can incorporate exactly what you need to start as a beginner and deepen your performance if already well practiced.

I offer a free place if it can be managed for those that cannot afford the class. This will depend on availability and demand (not too few and not too many people).

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The teacher

Nathan Keates (Nathan Improv) is a trainer, improvisation teacher and a performing arts teacher; that is only a distinction on subject. He trained in film acting in 2005 - 2008. Nowadays, Keates is a theatre-maker, improviser and clown. He is so addicted to improv, impro, improvisation that he researches it too. The current project is on autism and improv comedy. Nathan began teaching improvisation in 2006 and quickly got teaching in another country, the States. In 2007, he found a love for applied improvisation for autistic people as it sprung to reality there and then. He was teaching autistic people, and people with other diagnoses too, in America. The progression has remained seeking the new and the wonderful in his practice and his teaching.

Be kind, be honest and be taking my class!

Many thanks.

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PLEASE NOTE: this is an online class and will use breakout rooms; there will be technical issues to overcome, but we will manage all issues together and swiftly.


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