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Nathan Improv: Local Improv Comedy Classes (Cardiff, Wales; Canterbury, Kent; Bristol, Avon; Basingstoke, Hampshire) Nathan Improv Local delivers high quality professional improv comedy and acting training, as well as theatre events in various towns and cities in the UK. These include Basingstoke; Canterbury, Cardiff, and Margate.

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Teaching Improv in Wales, and Teaching Improv in the South East of England.

Upcoming Classes and Courses (all)

  • Perhaps after the world has stopped being in flames 
  • Weekly drop-in classes finishing until September:

Upcoming Improv Comedy Nights (all)

Each location is putting on improv comedy nights. Both Basingstoke (Hampshire) and Cardiff (Wales) are doing 5 nights each year. Canterbury (Kent) is slightly more adhoc, with hope for monthly gigs for you to see. Nights in Bristol will be arranged with local producers, due to the opportunities to see improv there already.
The dates are:

Saturday 12th September, 8pm! Online


Saturday 19th December, 7pm! Online 

Saturday 13th February, 8pm! Online


Wednesday 3rd March, 8pm! Online


Saturday 10th April, 8pm! Online


Saturday 3rd July, 8pm! Online 

There are various courses that are available:

Level 1: Fundamentals of Improv

The class explores spontaneity and its application to create comedy live. We shall explore thoughts on spontaneity, and enhancing the performance of the players through using playfulness in their improvisation. It's rather obvious, but our presentation of fun is engaging to see and clearly is fun for the performers too. Playfulness gets us out of the way of ego, judgement and expectations, which are three elements that kill our improv. We shall search the basics of improvisation: listening, agreement and adding, committing and supporting each other. Improv is an open art form, where we search for freedom and honesty for comedy!
Useful to all, as the fundamentals are applicable to any areas of life: business and personal. Get into comedy, spontaneity and theatre that assists people's desires and flexibility.

Level 2: Efficiency in Scenework 

This course highlights the actor's need for scenic understanding and the capacity to delve deep into characters. First, students focus on their communication with each other making sure that they can communicate clearly as individuals and as a group. Next the students will practice using what is there to release each other from burden and invention. Students will be working through clarity and honesty.
Great for actor's training and the classes, courses and weekends will be open to people wishing to explore the topic of efficiency through improvisation.

Level 3: Game of the Scene

The course begins by developing students with a deeper understanding of comedy in scenic improv and reaching an effortlessly funny scene. First, students focus on knowing their fun. Next the students will practice using 'Game of the Scene' in one clear method. Students will be working on improvising 'sketch-like' scenes.
Pre-requisite for this course is improv training. These courses are best completed in order. This is open to comedians, actors, improvisers and generally everyone that holds an interest in developing their improv comedy.

After these basic courses, I offer form focused classes. The hugely beneficial format that can offer a lot of development in your improv comedy is the Harold.

Level 4: Harold #1 Training Wheels

In the course, we explore the elements of what makes the form work. We shall seek out the points of development that the production offers and be able to perform a basic 'training wheels' Harold. After recapping performer's focus, game of the scene and the literal structure of the form, we delve into themes and beats; gaining source material and accomplishing 'group games'; closing and re-incorporation.

Level 5: Harold #2 Advanced

In this course, we build on the first Harold course by seeking a full free-flowing Harold that requires a tight ensemble and acute awareness of how the source material is used; the overall production and the way the cast follows the show; using the suggestion fully; embellishing themes to a complete effect.

Format Days

A day of a specific format as they were either originally designed or bastardised version, for the purpose of their unique skill offerings and development opportunities.
This series of format days shall express the importance of formats. We delve into the schools of thought behind them; their wealth of assets; the variety in the small segment of improvisation that is our improv comedy realm.

Such as:
  • Detours
  • La Ronde
  • WeirDass
  • Deconstruction
  • Macroscene
  • Openings (i.e. invocation; monologues; pattern game; scene painting)
  • Living Room
  • Armando
  • Slacker
  • One Act
  • Monoscene
  • The Bat
  • and more...

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