Keates, Nathan, fell in love with clown in his late teens, although the mum maybe able to state an earlier date. However, Keates left it till he found the epic improv art form and researched and developed in the field. Reading around the art form, the renewed love of clown came from the literature expressing the honest and truthful nature of the person igniting the clown. Then later on, Keates took some workshops and then found the amazing director, Denni Dennis.

Clown lets us engage in our naivety, be silly, play, and generally enjoy the moment regardless of our state of being. It is through this perspective or energy that the natural human qualities that we possess can elicit the laughter that hones the live performance and creates an engaging production. 

Whether you wish to find a way to see you as who you are, or if you like to play and find your inner idiot - as you are, anyway. Taking up clown will be a fantastic opportunity for you to make those connections with yourself and your audience. The real is really funny. Honestly. 

I performed and taught clown from 2010 and love it so much. The places that I have taught it include:

  • Bridgend, Wales
  • Bristol, Avon
  • Athens, Greece
  • Basingstoke, Hampshire
  • Paris, France

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