Autism Consultancy


Ever since 2007, autism has been a priority of my professional development. Now I am available to offer consultation about autism spectrum conditions based on my practice with applied improvisation and theatre. I have a Master's degree in autism from the Tizard Centre, where the theoretical and historical background has enabled a greater understanding that will assist you.

The skillsets that I offer are: share knowledge and experience; applied improv for autism classes; facilitation; teaching; performance; one-to-one discussion; seminars. These will assist individuals, groups, families, organisations and whom ever else may need my consultancy.

The provisions that I have available are:
  • Classes
  • Therapeutic room engagements
  • Consultation for companies policies and practice
  • Facilitation of meetings
  • One-to-one discussions
  • Group discussions
  • Consultation about theatre company's approach 
  • Sharing contacts and making connections
Furthermore, I am currently engaged in a large research project around improv comedy and autism that will elicit critical information (that is the plan). 

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